Vote Your Dreams, Not Your Fears - August 28th

WHAT: “Vote Your Dreams Not Your Fears” Rally and Press Conference

WHEN: Thursday August 28, noon

WHERE: Western steps of the New York State Capitol

WHO: Clergy, community leaders, and all people of conscience!

Join us August 28th for the Moral March to the Polls Rally at the Capitol


Thousands of clergy, moral leaders and community members will be rallying at state capitols across the United States on August 28th, the 51st Anniversary of the March on Washington, to demand representative leadership characterized not by corruption and greed but by morality and compassion. The rallies are the culmination of a Moral Week of Action, spearheaded by Rev. Dr. William Barber and the North Carolina NAACP - leaders of the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina. Beginning Aug. 21, marches in Raleigh and elsewhere will call for labor rights, living wages, quality public education, criminal justice reform and access to healthcare. On Aug. 28, New Yorkers will add our voices to this national movement for leadership that prioritizes the well-being of all people, rather than the narrow interests of the very wealthy.

As the state with the highest inequality in the nation, New York has been devastated by policies that have benefitted the few while public schools remain underfunded, hunger and homelessness grow, and job creation remains limited to the low-wage sector. We deserve better from our representatives, and we must demand better. We the voters have the power to change our political possibilities and elect leaders that prioritize good jobs, fair taxation, quality public education, and a strong social safety net. Join us to make your voice heard!

Organized by New York State Labor-Religion Coalition, the Poverty Initiative/Kairos Center at Union Theological Seminary, and more to come!

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