Vacationing on a Budget?

In churches, summertime can be a bite into the ministry funds, as our people go away and the Sunday offerings dwindle with vacation numbers. Similarly, when going away for vacation, we might forget that the people who work where we vacation might still be depending on our generosity to make their own ends meet. I like to be as frugal as possible, even on vacation, so I can afford a bit more fun than usual - that’s sort of the point of vacation, isn’t it? Forgetting to put tips into my budget for vacation time might help me make the dollar last a bit longer, but the people who work all the harder during the summer to serve all of us tourists and visitors still have their own bills to pay. That my fun should overburden others is nothing less than a definition of injustice. If we have worked hard enough and been paid well enough to be able to afford a vacation, let’s be generous in our gratitude for that gift of time and service, and tip generously those already overworked servers who still can’t afford to call in sick, much less call in well and take vacation.