Updates on #RaiseUpNY

Building on momentum from last month’s global fast-food worker strikes demanding a living wage, and with the end of the legislative session fast approaching, the push for a raise in the state-wide minimum wage, with localities given the option to raise it further, is intensifying.

Today, workers, union leaders, and Citizen Action organized a rally and press conference in Syracuse to call on their senator to support raise. You can read more about that here, and on Twitter, follow the hashtag #RaiseUpNY

Earlier this week, the Legislative Gazette had a good overview of the political situation.

The wage proposal includes automatic increases tied to inflation and empowers local governments to set minimums up to 30 percent higher than the statewide figure of $10.10.

The NY Times covered the growing state-wide support for raising the wage.

[James] Parrott [chief economist with the Fiscal Policy Institute] said a significant increase in the minimum wage would affect people working in “hotels, restaurants, neighborhood services, schools, even private schools, crossing guards, teacher aides, a fair number of people in the government sector.”

You can take action here by signing our petition, and keep an eye on #RaiseUpNY and #RaiseTheWage