TAKE ACTION: "No More Excuses!" Rally to Save Public Education

Tuesday, January 14th | 10:30 am Empire State Plaza, Concourse Convention Center


Education is an essential component of the fight against inequality. A fair and equal education not only offers up opportunities, but builds hope in a future that is bright and secure. Battling poverty, hunger, and social injustice begins with battling inequities in public education. In New York State, education is under attack. Over the past three years AP, IB, and elective courses have been reduced or eliminated. Music, Art, Theaterand sports programs have been reduced or eliminated. 35,000 educators and support staff have lost their jobs statewide, and many New Yorkers have come to know record poverty.  New York State has forgone its constitutional promise and moral obligation to provide a quality education to all students.

Winning a bright and fair future for New York's children begins with our own communities. Please join us in taking action as we  stand in unison with our friends,  family, neighbors, and congregations proclaiming "No More Excuses! Educate Every Student!"

A faithful budget must include quality, equal education for all of New York's children. With allies statewide, we call on our legislators in Albany to fully fund New York’s schools by investing $1.9 billion into education this year. This will not only ensure that there are no more classroom cuts, but also includes money to improve schools in the Empire State.  For more information about the #NoMoreExcuses demands, click here.

This event begins at 10:30 am at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center located in the Concourse of the Plaza. REGISTER HERE

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Can't make it to Albany? Join in the day's action by using the hashtag #NoMoreExcuses on Twitter and Facebook. Craft your own messages, or use some of ours below.

  • @NYGovCuomo, our schools need $1.9B in new aid to thrive! Build a NY that offers fair & equal opportunities to ALL students #NoMoreExcuses
  • @NYGovCuomo $8,601 funding gap per student between the wealthiest & poorest schools is UNACCEPTABLE! #NoMoreExcuses, #EducateAllStudents!
  • @NYGovCuomo raise NYC millionaires' tax to pay for pre-K for all in NYC, & after-school programs for all NYC middle schoolers #NoMoreExcuses
  • @NYGovCuomo: Fund teaching/learning NOT testing. All students deserve chance to learn & all teachers deserve chance to teach. #NoMoreExcuses