Support Walmart Workers Fasting For $15

Last week was amazing. On Tuesday, New Yorkers all across the state came together to call for an end to poverty wages, racism, and the deportation of immigrants in the latest Fight for $15 day of action. To all of you who stood with workers in the streets or contacted your state representatives - THANK YOU!

Low-wage workers are continuing to take creative and courageous action to win the higher wages and better working conditions they need - and today we're writing to ask you to show your support for Walmart workers fasting for $15.

Many Walmart workers, despite working for our nation's largest private employer, often rely on food stamps and food banks to feed their families - and too many days they simply go hungry.

On Friday, Walmart workers launched a 15-day Fast for $15, leading up to a nationwide day of action on Black Friday. Workers and allies are fasting to call for $15 an hour and access to full-time work - conditions that would allow workers to feed themselves and their families. They need our support.

Will you join faith leaders in signing this letter to Walmart board member and heiress Alice Walton calling on the company to meet its moral obligation to our communities?

Clergy and Walmart workers will deliver the letter to Alice Walton's apartment in New York City on November 18. You're also invited to join them and to participate in their fast that day. You can see the details of the event and RSVP here.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let's remind Walmart that the best way to fight hunger is to listen to their workers and give them the wages and hours they need. You can also show your solidarity with workers by fasting with them for one or more days and by participating in a Black Friday action. Sign up here.