Standing With Workers Is Standing With God by Rev. Drew Paton

On November 10th, Rev. Drew Paton spent the day at rallies and store actions in Albany with fast food workers, and has shared his reflections on the day:

The courageous workers with whom I was privileged to stand this week are risking everything to make their voices heard. The church should be there to support them every step of the way. Each of their stories is one that should matter to us, and all of their stories are part of a larger story. It is not only the story of millions of workers in hundreds of cities ... It is the story of God’s movement through history on behalf of those who have been exploited, pushed around, cast aside and silenced – whose rights are snatched away and whose wages are withheld. It is the story of how God acts with power through and for those people; how God liberates and brings justice and restores right relationship; how God breaks the rod of the oppressor and grants access to the abundant life that is meant for all.

Read the whole thing at the Albany Presbytery Blog.