Moral Revival National Day of Action on September 12


On September 12, people of faith and moral courage will gather at state capitols in 25 states to deliver the “Higher Ground Moral Declaration,” which calls on governors, senators, state legislators, and candidates for office to move away from extremist politics and policies that benefit the few and move toward policies and laws that are just and fair and guarantee a better life for the majority of the people.

In Albany, New Yorkers will gather to call on our elected leaders and candidates to commit to supporting policies that:

  • Protect democracy & voting rights
  • Promote economic justice, including employment, living wages, affordable housing, a strong social safety net, infrastructure development and fair tax reform.
  • Uphold workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain
  • Guarantee quality, diverse public education for all
  • Provide affordable healthcare for all
  • Protect the environment, create a green economy, and support communities impacted by climate change and pollution
  • Support immigrant rights and reject xenophobia
  • End mass incarceration and hold law enforcement accountable for abuse, misconduct and killings
  • Protect LGBTQ rights and equal protection under the law for all
  • Reject war mongering and pursue peace among nations

We'll gather at 10 am at Emmanuel Baptist Church and march to the Capitol at 10:30. Please RSVP using the form above.

Read more about the Moral Declaration and add your name here.