Raise the Tipped Wage - Media

Yesterday and today, workers and advocates spoke out about the conditions of tipped wage workers in New York.

The Times Union: "Carlos Tenemea and some New York City residents looking for a healthy meal rub shoulders on a daily basis. But while those residents who come into the restaurant where Tenemea works are served a nutritious meal, he says he can’t afford one."

The Daily News: "Tipped workers are workers, they are overwhelmingly poor and they overwhelmingly need government on their side,” said Michael Kink of the Strong Economy for All Coalition."

From the Daily News Politics blog: “Gov. Cuomo can take action to immediately raise the pay of 200,000 workers around New York,” Kink said.

Some further coverage at The Daily Freeman, Long Island Business News, WXXI News, and Newsday (subscription required).