Moral Mondays NY: The Scandal is Poverty


It's been a dramatic week here in Albany. Charges filed against the Assembly Speaker and investigations of other officials are fueling important conversations about the need for ethics reforms at the Capitol. In the midst of this, we and our faith and community partners are committed to calling attention to the affects of a political and economic system set up to serve wealthy interests: New York State continues to have the highest income inequality in the nation and more than 3 million New Yorkers live in poverty.  Communities across our state are affected. Buffalo is the fourth poorest city in the nation. In rural Montgomery County, more than 1 in 5 live in poverty, and in Rochester, over half of the city's children are poor. 

In New York State, the real scandal is poverty.

This Monday we will hold vigils again in New York City and at the State Capitol to call for policies that will make a real difference for New York's struggling families, including: 

  • $15 per hour minimum wage indexed to inflation
  • Equitable public school funding that closes the gap between poor and wealthy districts
  • Tax policies that require the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay their fair share
  • Health care for all
  • Adequate funding for overburdened safety net programs

If you're in NYC or Albany, we hope to see you there! Join us at 11 am in New York at 633 Third Ave and in Albany at noon in the War Room on the second floor of the Capitol.If you can't make it to New York or Albany, you can still join us virtually!

Here's how: 

Print this sign and fill it out. (Are you a parent? A teacher? A rabbi? From Ithaca? The Bronx? You get the idea.) Then take a picture of yourself holding it and email it to us or post it to Twitter with hashtag #MoralNY. We'll share your images (with your permission, of course), and a sign with your picture may even appear at one of our vigils!

To create the New York State we all need, we must stand together for policies that put people first. We hope you'll join us and help spread the word!