Moral Mondays: Broken Promises, Broken System

Albany's business as usual system of on- and off-the-books corruption hurts our families, communities, schools and job opportunities. That's why faith leaders and allies from across New York are gathering at the Capitol to bear sacred witness the last Monday of the session.

Monday June 15th, 3pm outside the Senate Chambers, 3rd Floor. RSVP Here.

Business as usual is unacceptable.

Legislative inaction will mean another year of handouts to the wealthy while working and middle-class New Yorkers shoulder the tax burden.

Another year of children fading in underfunded and overtested public schools.

Another year of low wages that condemn families to poverty.

Another year of parents being forced back to work instead of taking care of newborns, or families unable to be together during medical emergencies.

Another year of incarcerating children.

Another year that people cannot afford the healthcare they need.

Another year without enough hunger and nutrition assistance for pantries and soup kitchens that serve the poor.

We're all in this together. Let's keep fighting for a New York that works for all of us .