Moral Monday Returns Next Week!

Join us Monday at the New York State Capitol to demand that our state legislature prioritize the people and communities of New York - not wealthy donors and power brokers.

For too long, the halls of power in Albany have been dominated by those with money and favors to give. As a result, public policy has been skewed to benefit the wealthy and well-connected, while the majority of New York's families find it harder and harder to access quality housing, food,  education, healthcare, or living wage jobs.

This dynamic has to end -- which is why we are continuing to bring Moral Monday inside the state capitol.

Join us next week as we call on our representatives to serve the people, reject corruption, and fight poverty and inequality by:

- Passing ethics reform - Raising the minimum wage - Equitably funding our public schools - Enacting fair-share taxation - Funding proven solutions to hunger, homelessness and poverty - Passing criminal justice reforms - Passing paid family leave

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