MEDIA ROUNDUP: 2014 People's State of the State

Yesterday, over 70 people from around New York State gathered at the Capitol in the sub-zero cold to call on Governor Cuomo to address income inequality in his State of the State address. They braved the freezing temperatures because they had dreams and hopes for a better future. They spoke of a future where our children have a good education, where everyone has access to good jobs and living wages and where the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. See coverage from yesterday's event and take action below.


  • NBC 13"Advocates Gather for 'People's State of State'"
  • CBS 6"Protesters Gather Ahead of 'State of the State'"
  • NPR"People's 'State of the State' 2014"
  • Troy Record"Income Disparity Biggest Issue at 24th Annual 'People's State of the State'"
  • NYSUT"Don't Leave Needy New Yorkers Out in the Cold"

VIEW PHOTOS from the event by clicking here.

TAKE ACTION: Join faith, labor and community members in calling for faithful policy that prioritizes education, tax fairness and the working people of New York.

  • Tweet your call for a moral budget:
    • @NYGovCuomo, it's time the wealthiest pay their fair share. #taxtherich
    • @NYGovCuomo, enact revenue sharing now, all New Yorkers deserve access to education and basic services.
    • @NYGovCuomo support our Dreams!  Put the #NYDreamAct in your budget this year! #education4all
    • @NYGovCuomo don't keep NYers out in the cold. Increase funds for affordable #housing in the NYS budget.
    • @NYGovCuomo all NYers deserve access to food.  Make that a reality by proving $10 million in new funding for EFPs.
    • @NYGovCuomo more than 35,00 teaching jobs have been lost.  Invest $1.9 billion in new school aid to provide a good education for all NYers.
    •  @NYGovCuomo increase money for #wagetheft enforcement.  NYC workers alone lose $1 billion annually
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