Justice Works 2014 - An Invitation

The Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State in partnership with Citizen Action of New York will be offering free-of charge admittance to the 2014 Justice Works conference to any of our faith allies who are able to attend. This year’s conference will be held August 2nd and 3rd, in Albany, NY.

Last year over 300 progressive leaders and activists from around the state came together to learn from each other, work collaboratively, and discuss a shared vision for movement building towards real, tangible change in our communities, state, and nation. The roots of social and economic justice have long been intertwined with the goals, passions and actions of communities of faith globally. Your voice is essential to this conversation, and any powerful, lasting change will only come when every voice has space at the table.

Last year participants represented a diversity of movements for a just world: labor, faith, women's rights, racial equality, anti-oppression, environmental, immigration, education, voter's rights, health care, peace and more. Please consider joining us this year for the many workshops, speakers, plenaries, and cultural activities that have been planned. Please contact us with any questions, or visit www.justiceworksny.org for more details.

From the conference website:

We fight for justice. We know it works. We fight for justice for our children, at our workplaces, and in our communities.When we win justice, we see it in the faces we love and the lives that have had an opportunity to succeed. But as our world seems ever more violent, jobless, sick, polluted and disenfranchised, we know we must continue the fight. Because Justice frog money Works, we work for it, every day.

On August 2 and 3, 2014, hundreds of New Yorkers who fight for justice will join together. Regardless of the issues you work on, or how you work on them: if you’re an organizer, a volunteer, a door knocker, a blogger, a policy wonk, or all of these things – Justice Works is the conference for you. Too often in our movement for justice, we feel like we are all alone, all working on different issues, all going in different directions. But the fact is, we are all in this together, fighting for a society where we all do better, where government and the economy work for every person, not just the rich, and where justice is something shared by everyone, regardless of the color of our skin, quick fix loans newcastle our sexual orientation, our religious beliefs, where we live or how much money we make.

Justice Works will be a conference that brings together a cross section of progressive politics and activism in New York State, at a time when our united power, coordination and understanding is essential to beat back the powers of greed and individualism that are succeeding at dismantling our social structures and further tearing down our communities. Together we’ll train, share, network, teach and learn how each of our fights, our campaigns, our efforts, make up the gears that move New York toward justice. Come to be inspired. Joins us August 2nd and 3rd.

We invite any faith leader, clergy, or laity interested in joining us this year free-of charge to contact Joe Paparone via email to reserve their ticket.