Justice in Education and Fairness in Government

New York is the leading state in the union - but not always in ways we should be proud of. One area in which New York comes out on top year after year is economic inequality.

This week's Moral Mondays vigils in New York City and Albany will call attention to three areas where that inequality is manifested: our public education system, our tax system, and our electoral process. We need our schools to be fully funded - especially in high needs districts.

In New York City, we'll gather with our allies at noon at the Governor's office (633 3rd Avenue) for a prayer vigil for fairness and equity in our public schools.

1 percent income
1 percent income

In Albany, we'll gather at noon for a press conference and vigil to address the inequality in our tax system and electoral process.

To have a state government that is truly "by the people, for the people," we need the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay their fair share AND an electoral process that mitigates rather than magnifies the influence of the 1 percent on our elected officials.

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If you're in Albany or New York City, we hope you'll join us and spread the word! And wherever you are in New York, we're grateful for your moral witness for a New York that works for all of us.