Fast for a moral budget!

The annual statewide 40-Hour Fast begins Tuesday at 8 pm and lasts until 12 pm on Thursday March 20th.

This year, the Fast will highlight the immorality of a state budget that favors the wealthy while leaving the rest struggling to meet basic needs. Across New York State, communities are taking action to win a moral budget that prioritizes human need over the narrow interests of the wealthy. 

Fasting is a spiritual exercise of liberation. It is a process that brings a finer awareness of abundance and want, excess and scarcity, justice and injustice. In addition to Fasting, we ask participants to take action toward the justice that our faiths and our hearts demand. Call your elected representatives to demand a moral budget and spread the message on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit for more information.

Join us in Albany this Thursday, March 20th to close the fast and rally together!

Community members and organizations from across New York State are coming to Albany for a mass action to hold elected officials in Albany responsible for putting the interests of the wealthy ahead of everyone else. Together, we can build a New York that works for all of us. To RSVP a seat on a bus, visit:

NYS DREAM | Women’s Equality | Income Inequality | Public Education | Gender Identity Non-Discrimination | Higher Education | Universal Pre-K | Marijuana Decriminalization | Anti-Fracking | Renewable Energy | Affordable Housing | Wage Theft Enforcement | Fair Taxes & Better Budgets

To find out more and to let us know you're Fasting, please contact Joy Perkett.