CROP Walk - Find One Near You!

The CROP Walk is a great way to fight hunger and economic justice!  Read below for instructions on how to participate in a local CROP Walk:

-Learn about the local CROP Hunger Walk. Details are mailed to congregations, usually four to six weeks before the Walk. Go to to find your Walk listing.   If necessary, call the CWS Regional Office (888-297-2767) for the name of a local contact.

-Appoint or help identify a Recruiter to pick up the necessary materials, sign up and instruct Walkers, collect funds, and return the funds and envelopes to the Walk Treasurer. In a large congregation, having more than one Recruiter is helpful.

-Announce the event during worship and encourage people to participate as Walkers and donors. Begin three to four weeks before the date of the Walk. Ask Walkers to get a “Donation Envelope” from the Recruiter(s).

-Promote the Walk through newsletters, fliers, bulletins. Promotional materials are free of charge from the local Walk Committee or your CWS Regional Office. Visit our website at for resources.

-Offer to be in “friendly competition” with a neighboring congregation . Offer to wear a rival’s favorite college sweatshirt if your congregation raises less. Detail a car. Wash windows. Cook a meal. Have some visible, public fun and get folks involved!

-Involve the entire congregation by including hunger/justice themes in worship. Worship resources are available from the local committee and at

Teach children, youth and adults about the root causes of hunger and other social justice issues. Educational materials and videos are available from the Regional Office and online at the CWS website.

-Plan events for youth with the hunger/justice theme — fasts, sleepovers, retreats.

-Say “thank you” and report on results following the Walk.