Budget Negotiations May Be Entering Final Hours

After months of rallies, vigils, petitions, phone calls, and letters, the New York State budget may be about to be decided.

Those of us praying for a moral budget have reason to be concerned.

At this point, the DREAM Act, a minimum wage hike, full and fair funding for public schools, hunger and housing programs are at risk.

But the budget process isn't over until it's over. If your state senator and assemblyperson haven't heard from you yet this week, call or email right now!

Elected officials care what their constituents think, and it's imperative that they hear your demand for a moral state budget that serves the common good, not the wealthy and well-connected. Tell your representatives that a moral budget includes living wages, fully funded public schools, a social safety net that protects the most vulnerable, and a taxation system that asks the wealthiest to pay their fair share. Please also take 30 seconds to sign this letter calling for the DREAM Act to stay in the budget.

This Monday may be the last Moral Monday before the budget is signed. If the terms of the budget have already been negotiated, the Moral Mondays vigil at noon at the Capitol in Albany will convey our response to the final deal. Wherever you are in the state you can join via social media by following the #moralmondays and #moralny hashtags on Twitter and Facebook at noon.