Faith for Decarceration Toolkit

On any given day there are 25,000 New Yorkers in jails across the state. Almost 70 percent haven't been convicted of any crime, but are locked up awaiting trial because they can't post bail. Pre-trial detention - which can last months and even years - has devastating consequences for those detained and their families. Communities of color and the poor bear the brunt of this injustice.

Now is the time for faith leaders and people of conscience to raise our voices. Labor-Religion Coalition has joined with other faith-based groups in the #FREEnewyork campaign to EDUCATE our communities about these issues and TAKE ACTION to pass bail, discovery and speedy trial legislation that decarcerates jails, protects due process rights, and eliminates race and wealth based jailing.

On Feb. 13 we held a webinar introducing the issues of bail, speedy trial and discovery reform and why and how faith communities can respond. Click here to view the recording (starts at 7:00).

February 22-24 is the weekend of action for  New York’s faith communities. Use this toolkit to preach, pray, lead a discussion and/or share a handout about the moral necessity of bail reform with your congregation. (Let us know you're participating at

Then on February 27th join a day of action in Albany OR participate in a call-in day to Gov. Cuomo and legislators and by sharing content on social media. RSVP for the day of action here.