Welcome Our New Executive Director

We've made it official!

As co-chairs of the NYS Labor-Religion Coalition we are proud to announce an exciting staff change; please join us in officially welcoming the Rev. Emily McNeill as our new Executive Director! Many of you already know Emily and the incredible passion, energy, and empathy that she brings to our important work. In her previous roles as Lead Organizer and then Acting Director, Emily has helped LRC successfully navigate, adapt, and grow through a period of immense change and uncertainty. She has proven herself to be a faithful and brave advocate in the fight to build a more just and equitable world for everyone, and we are confident in her ability to move us forward on this important path. If you would like to read more about Emily, please click here.

"I'm excited to continue my work with Labor-Religion Coalition in this new role. Our mission to unite faith, labor and community in a statewide movement for economic, social and racial justice is as important now as it ever has been. I'm honored to work alongside our partners across the state to meet the challenges and opportunities of this moment," Emily said.

As we reflect on the successes and struggles we've faced over the past few years and those yet to come, and in honor of Emily's new role as Executive Director, we invite you to recommit yourself to the efforts we're all making together in the hopes of a better world. If you can, please consider joining us in saying "Congratulations!" to our new Executive Director, by making a one-time contribution (or becoming a sustaining member if you haven't yet!) to the important work we have embarked on together.

Click here to congratulate Rev. Emily McNeill, and help grow the momentum for a just world!

In Hope and Solidarity,

Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard & Paul Pecorale, NYS Labor-Religion Coalition Co-chairs