Tax the Wealthiest to Fight Poverty

UPDATE: Click here to join the petition delivery in Albany on March 20.

There are just four weeks left in the state budget process, and we don’t yet know whether Albany will raise the money needed to tackle poverty and inequality.

Sign the petition from New Yorkers of faith, calling on the legislature to expand the Millionaire’s Tax and end Governor Cuomo’s self-imposed 2% spending cap.

New York has the highest inequality in the United States. While our state is home to great wealth, we also have over 3 million residents living in poverty – including more than 1 in 5 children.  Statewide we are experiencing record levels of homelessness and hunger.

As people of faith, we must demand that our state leaders act. New York must invest in ending poverty, hunger and homelessness, protecting healthcare, guaranteeing quality public education for every child, and creating good jobs. To do that we need the wealthiest New Yorkers – whose income has ballooned in recent decades –  to pay their fair share, and we need the Governor to stop crippling New York’s budget with his self-imposed 2% spending cap.

Join other New Yorkers of faith in adding your name to the petition to Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders.

(A printable version of the petition can be downloaded here.)