March 27th - Action in Support of Supportive and Affordable Housing

Monday March 27th - Members of the Labor-Religion Coalition joined our partners at VOCAL-NY in their ongoing campaign to expand taxes on the wealthiest in order to end homelessness in New York State. You can read more about the action in the news coverage below.  

Action is still needed! Scroll down for images of state senators who want to cut taxes on New York millionaires. If you live in any of those districts, please call your legislator and let them know you want them to expand - not eliminate - the Millionaire's Tax and support the most vulnerable people in our state. 

CBS Ch 6: Protests at the State Capitol before budget deadline
NBC Ch 13: Protesters arrested at state Capitol
ABC Ch 10: Rally held at the NY Statehouse for more homeless funding
WXXI: Budget due Friday, but no agreements finalized yet
WAER: Final Budget Agreements Elude State Lawmakers as Friday Deadline Approaches
Capital Tonight: (starts at 41:30)