Actions for Healthcare and Direct Care Workers


Sign this petition today to support direct care workers.

Last year you worked hard as part of the Fight for $15 to bring dignity, respect, and living wages to millions of workers in our state. During that fight (which, of course, is not over), a legitimate concern was brought up by many healthcare and direct service workers who rely on state funding. These workers deserve living wages, but there was not a corresponding increase for these organizations and workers in the state budget to provide for the wage increase. Unlike a typical business (where increased wages translate to increased sales and revenue), these organizations rely on state funding to pay their workers who are providing essential services to our friends and family members with disabilities and the elderly.

There is an opportunity this year to correct this. Our friends at SEIU Local 200 are pushing for an additional $45 million to be included in the state budget for direct care providers. You can lend your voice by signing this petition today.

And you can learn more about these workers and their struggles here.



Campaign for NY Health

Last week a major disaster was averted with the failure of the AHCA at the federal level. Now more than ever is the time to push for universal healthcare. The Campaign for NY Health has an upcoming lobby day on April 4th in Albany that we invite you to participate in. They are arranging transportation from around the state to bring healthcare advocates to the Capitol. Please join us! You can register here.

Healthcare is a human right, and it's going to take all of us working together to make universal healthcare happen.