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This is an exciting time in the movement for social, racial, and economic justice in New York!

Labor struggles like the Verizon strike have mobilized workers from New York City to Buffalo. The Fight for 15 campaign won a raise for millions and energized the conversation around inequality and poverty. In communities throughout New York, people are coming together to fight for good jobs, good schools, access to food, housing and healthcare, and a say in the decisions that impact our lives.

In this time of energy and possibility, Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State needs your help to continue doing this critical work. Please consider becoming a sustaining member today. 

By becoming a member of the Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS, you’ll join a network of faith, labor and community activists on the front lines of the struggle for economic justice in New York State.

Your membership is an investment in the fight for:

  • Adequate food, housing, healthcare, and a safe environment for all New Yorkers

  • Quality public education and living wage jobs, the right to organize in the workplace, and the right to equal pay for equal work

  • Equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religious belief, country of origin, immigration status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Your monthly donation of $5 per month or more funds the on-the-ground organizing that educates and mobilizes people of faith across the state. It will take a grassroots movement to win the New York we need, and alongside our labor and community partners, that is what we’re building together. Click here to become a member.

Become a member for $10 per month or more, and receive one of our brand new, union-made and printed shirts!