Get Ready for Labor Day

Labor Day is a fantastic opportunity for congregations to learn about and take action toward justice for all workers. Labor-Religion Coalition invites your community to celebrate Labor Day by taking part in Labor in the Pulpits/On the Bimah/In the Minbar.

Congregations can participate in a variety of ways, including:

Inviting a worker or labor advocate to speak to your congregation during a worship service. We can connect you with a local worker who can speak to the connection between their faith and their struggle for justice for workers.

Hosting an educational event for your congregation and/or the community. Labor-Religion Coalition staff and partners offer workshops on inequality and poverty in New York State, worker justice struggles, and congregational organizing.

Incorporating your tradition’s teachings about worker justice into your worship on Labor Day weekend and throughout September. You can start by looking through Interfaith Worker Justice resources. Stay tuned for more resources in the coming weeks.

Labor Day is an important time to remember the gains won by workers in the past, support workers organizing for justice now, and re-commit to our faiths’ calls to stand with the poor and oppressed. We’re here to help you. Contact us to learn more and to start planning for September.