Take Action: Fair Contract for Siena Contingent Faculty

Two years since adjunct and visiting faculty voted overwhelmingly to join Faculty Forward/SEIU Local 200United, they are still working without a first contract. 

Like contingent faculty across Upstate New York and across the country, Siena adjunct and visiting faculty are fighting for a living wage and improved job security that benefits not just themselves and their families, but enhances the quality of education for their students. Many adjunct faculty struggle to make ends meet, cobbling together a living by teaching multiple classes at various colleges and have no job security. Paying a fair, living wage and respecting the dignity and rights of its workers is central to Siena's mission as an institution committed to Catholic Social Teaching. It's time for Siena College to bargain in good faith towards a fair first contract.

As people of faith, we can show solidarity with Siena faculty by expressing our support for them to Siena's administration and reminding them of the moral imperative to promote worker justice. Take action now by emailing Siena's president, Brother Ed Coughlin, and Board Chair, Mr. Howard Foote.